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*if you need help about flight connection to Fuerteventura you can also contact us via email: manawai@gmail.com


Buses There is a bus stop as soon as you exit the airport terminal. First, get on the bus to Puerto del Rosario. Get off in Puerto’s main station (hard to miss, although it is small), and hop on the bus for Corralejo. While driving to Corralejo ask the driver to let you know where CAMPANARIO is, get off there and walk to the house. LINK TO GOOGLE MAP HERE!!! If you get lost call Marko (+34618435455). Buses run every 15 minutes from the airport to Puerto del Rosario, and every 30 minutes from there to Corralejo Taxi Taxis are quite expensive on Fuerteventura. The price from the airport to Manawai Surf House is around 45 eur one way. RENT-A-CAR Prebook one and grab it at the airport. We suggest you use: www.autoreisen.es Then follow the signs for Corralejo.


We are pretty easy to find. There is a big shopping complex called CAMPANARIO across the street from the house and the biggest roundabout in Corralejo a hundred meters from it. As you come into Corralejo, go right on the first roundabout. In a few minutes, you will see the shopping mall and go straight (for some it’s easier to say: take the 3rd exit). Just before you reach the complex, there is a small street on the left. Pull in and get barreled at the first house on your right! 🙂 CALLE EL HIERRO 43 35660 FUERTEVENTURA ISLAS CANARIAS, ESPANA
Marko: +34618435455 Maja: +34689478156


In addition to our Surf School Program, Manawai can help you organize extra activities such us:

  • kitesurfing
  • windusrfing
  • golf
  • Oasis Zoo
  • local festivals year round
  • all night parties
  • diving
  • quad field trips
  • authentic local cuisine (world famous goat cheese, for example)
  • Island hiking
  • excursions



What's the air and water temperature?

Water temperature in varies between 18 – 22C in the winter time and between 22 – 24 C in the summer months. The air temperature could be described as an eternal spring with a very strong sun. In the summer months, the air warms up to 30C.

Are there any dangers in the water, such as fish, bacteria or poisonous snakes?

There is nothing like that here. Also, you don’t have to get any kind of vaccine for these parts.

Do I need my Health Card?

Canary islands administratively fall under Spanish government, thus making them a part of European Union. If you come from EU, you only need to have your national health identity card. If not, you need to arrange some sort of a travel health insurance. There is also an alternative to pay any medical service, but that is usually the most expensive one.

What are Fuerteventura's connections to other islands in the Canary group?

Commute between all islands happens daily and involves ferries and airplanes.

What's the deal with bringing my own surfboards to the island?

When traveling to Canary islands (the same goes for anywhere basically), you need to normally pay an extra fee for putting the surfboard on the plane. Fees varies according to the carrier, but expect around 50-60 eur both ways. It becomes more expensive, if you book more separate flights, as the fees occur per flight. In some cases (RyanAir for example), you can include your surfboard bag in your normal baggage allowance, if it is less than 2m long. Check Baggage Rules before buying a ticket.


Bring your passport.

Where will I be surfing?

Fuerteventura’s north part of the islands offers spots for all levels and abilities. There is plenty of sand beaches to choose from and an extensive collection of reef breaks with a world class pointbreak for the most experienced ones.